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Solutions for the Cabling Industry


Duct Cutters
To ensure optimum coupler performance, a clean, square cut is essential. Duct cutters ensure a clean, burr
free cut.

Coupler Grips
Installation of threaded couplers can be accomplished with large jaw coupler grips.

Duct De-burring
This Cone type de-burring tool effectively removes burrs from saw cut duct for a clean coupler installation.

Tools & Accessories
Lozon Coupler Press

The coupler press is designed to install one piece aluminum and plastic couplers.

Operation of the press is simple. Position a coupler between two duct ends, clamp the duct in place and pump!

Couplers are installed correctly and completely. A noticeable increase in required effort will indicate that the duct has reached the dead stop within the coupler.

Coupler presses are available for 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" one piece couplers.
Please specify duct size when ordering.

Two Piece Coupler Installation Socket

The ® two piece SealLock™ coupler is assembled with a custom made socket designed to fit the exterior profile of the coupler.

The socket can be used with either a ratchet or drill to install the couplers in seconds.

How to Order
Duct Size
Part Number
1 1/4"
1 1/2"

Socket Tool in Use

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