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Solutions for the Cabling Industry

Features & Benefits

Provides a positive stop for the duct during installation.
Ensures equal engagement of the duct and coupler on both sides of the connection.

Seal-Land™ & Modi-Thread™
The Seal-Land™ provides a smooth interference land area for an improved seal.
The Modi-Thread™ ensures high pull strength.

Locking tabs provide high pull strength connection.

Two Piece SealLock™ Coupler

Connecting duct in confined spaced can be difficult at best. To ease this process, ® has introduced the Two Piece SealLock™ coupler. A male and female coupler halves are threaded onto the duct ends, and then simply snapped together. The Tab-Lock™ feature creates a pull resistant connection that can be pressed together by hand.

The The Two Piece SealLock™ coupler provides an air and water tight seal. Installation is simple and does not require any special tools, however, the ® Custom Socket is available for use with ratchet or drill for installation in seconds.

The Two Piece SealLock™ coupler is manufactured from a proprietary high modulus polymer that provides a durable, corrosion resistant connection under the most severe conditions.

Duct Size
Part Number
Basic Dimensions
2" O.D. x 5 1/8" Length
1 1/4"
2 1/8" O.D. x 5 1/8" Length
1 1/2"
2 3/8" O.D. x 5 1/8" Length
2 7/8" O.D. x 5 1/8" Length

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