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Solutions for the Cabling Industry

Features & Benefits

Snaption™ can be organized and bundled to suite the job, saving time and money on-site.

Easy Connection!
Simply snap the preinstalled couplers together and the connection is complete. No prep, no glue, no mess!

Easy transportation and storage eliminates the need for costly reels.


® Snaption™ is the engineered construction solution that is proven to save time and money compared to traditional "city build" construction methods.

Snaption™ is comprised of a pre-determined length of HDPE duct with a male coupler on one end and a female coupler on the other. The couplers are 's® high performance polymer couplers with integral seal ring to ensure an air and water
tight connection.

Snaption™ is ideal for confined space especially city streets because it does not require bulky reels. Snaption™ is avaiable in pre-organized color arrangements to suit
job requirements.

Assembly of Snaption™ is simple. Line up a male coupler with the female coupler of another section of Snaption™ and simply snap them together. The connection does not require any chemical preparation or gluing. The result, Snaption™ is four times faster than PVC.

During construction it is sometimes necessary to cut the duct to a shorter length. In this instance simply remove the coupler and reinstall it on the new duct end. This is facilitated with the use of the ® two piece coupler installation socket and a drill or ratchet.

On site installation of couplers takes seconds
with the ®
installation socket.

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