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Manufacturing Solutions for the Cabling Industry

Couplers, Plugs, Pulers, Organizers,
Duct & Accessories
  • One Piece SealLock™     Couplers
  • Two Piece SealLock™     Couplers
  • Aluminum TechCoat™     Couplers
  • Multi-Hole Duct Plugs
  • HDPE to PVC Transition     Adapters
  • Clamshell SealLock™     Coupler
  • Blank Plugs
  • Reducers

  • Lozon is the largest innerduct coupler manufacturer in the world. Through research and development under Level (3)'s direction, Lozon responded to the need for improved products and methodologies for the fast paced multi conduit inner city and rural construction environments.

    Lozon supplied Level (3) with millions of couplers for the recent fiber optic long haul project throughout the United States. As a result of this experience, our production capabilities and techniques are second to none.

    The Lozon, non-corrosive, non-metallic couplers outsell all other couplers on the market today by a wide margin. Lozon aluminum and stainless steel couplers are also available. These couplers are suitable for trenching, plowing, directional boring and rail plow applications.

    Lozon's energetic and knowledgeable staff is eager to help resolve any outside plant, telecommunications installation problems or opportunities that might arise.

    With representatives worldwide Lozon is truly the leader around the globe in telecommunications outside plant technology and service. Lozon prides itself on superior products, service and support. Get connected
    with Lozon.

    Phone & Fax: 951.280.0093
    Cell: 303.807.2741

    2642 Roca Cr. - Corona, CA. 92879